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Monday, December 12, 2005

Bloody TV Commercials

While I appreciate that "free" television channels are dependant on advertising in order to survive, is it really necessary to increase the number of broadcasting decibels so radically whenever they're aired?

I'm assuming that they're assuming that most people will get up and make the tea, go to the toilet (please, not more toilet related Google ads) or clean out the hamster's cage, and therefore they need to blare out their messages in order for them to be heard.

Well doesn't the fact that nobody is going to sit around watching them say something? Make them more entertaining and we may just watch them without having them forced down our throats!

I'm sick to death of having to turn the TV down every time there's a commercial break. You can't hold a conversation, not even to discuss the merits of the program you're watching, because the sound of some bloody advert is just too deafening. If I really wanted to hear Goldfrapp, I'd put the CD on - I don't need to have it forced on me just because some mobile telephone company has chosen one their tunes to set their advert to. Or I'd turn it up myself.

This is pissing me off so much that it's getting to the point where I don't want to watch anything on ITV anymore because I know what they're going to do when the ads come on and if I don't have the remote handy, I'm going to be deafened.

Give us some decent ads and turn the sound down, eh?



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