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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Democratic Blogging

Whilst plodding through Blogland earlier today I stumbled across a blog owned by the English Democrats. Whoopee!

For those who've never heard of them before, they're a political party that were formed about 3 years ago in response to Gordon Brown's proposal to split England into districts. The English Democrats want an undivided England. Not only do they want an undivided England; they want an England that's independent of Scotland and Wales. No more Great Britain - just three countries standing alone.

But they're happy to settle for an English parliament, for the time being at least.

It just so happens that a friend is a candidate for the English Democrats (or at least, she was a friend until I refused to wish her luck in the last election and was then given an earful of abuse about being a Blair-ist, which I'm not), so having landed on their blog, I thought I'd have a look around and see what they're getting up to these days.

I found one post particularly interesting and, as is often the case when reading others' opinions, I had something I wanted to say.

As is the norm around Blogland, I hit the comments button and was presented with two fields for my name and email address as well as a big text box designed to accommodate my comment. So far so good. I wrote and wrote and wrote. And then I wrote some more. I had issues, after all. When I felt I'd said what I needed to say, I hit the 'post' button, happy to have got my opinion off my chest.

WRONG! Nothing had gone from my chest!

"Only registered users may post comments to this blog".

What? I could hardly believe it. The English Democrats will only accept comments from those who they've pre-approved? Silly me - I'd only thought that, judging by the name they've chosen,they'd be advocates of equality and respect for the individual and his opinions. How wrong I was.

And my 'friend' wondered why I didn't feel able to give her my political support?

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