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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Democratic Blogging Pt II

It appears I've upset a pigeon or two amongst the English Democrats.

I posted an opinion a while ago, based on the fact that this particular party only allows comments from pre-authorised members of their blog, something that I considered un-democratic. Their response and my response to their response (getting complicated now) can be seen here.

St George FlagI admit that I was mistaken when it comes to the ability to register without pre-authorisation, but the blog really doesn't make that clear. When a message reading: "Sorry but only registered users can post comments, and 'Sharon Jacobsen' is not recognized as valid member" appeared when I tried to post a comment, with no mention of where or how one can register, I found it somewhat misleading.

However, I still don't understand why they feel the need to moderate comments from supporters of other parties. Quote: However as you may imagine we do get spammed, from people wishing to sell viagra, insurance and of course supporters of other parties. Therefore regrettably we do have a censorship policy.

That's not very democratic, is it? But then I was once accused of being a Blairite by one of the EDP's candidates even though I've never voted New Labour. It's obviously not unusual for them to aggress if a member of the electorate happens to use their right to free speech in a manner that isn't beneficial to them so I really shouldn't have been surprised.

Is it any wonder that opposing political opinion is behind so many wars?



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