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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Take Away Inconvenience

The inhabitants of our house all enjoy a take away at some point during the week, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it means nobody has to cook that night. Or rather, it means Richard, my partner, doesn't have to cook that night. This pleases Richard.

But as with much of life, having a take away isn't without its problems, the ones attached to our family being that it's a rare occasion that we all agree to having something from the same outlet. Richard may well be up for a Biriyani or a Tikka, while I might fancy a chow mein. Paul, my 28 year old still living at home, non-independent son would much rather have fish and chips, and the youngest of those still residing here will probably opt for a donar kebab. Pizza and cheeseburgers also feature regularly.

So, do you see where the problem lurks? Yes, that's right. Whoever has the responsibility of procuring our evening meal (and by rights that should be the hunter, should it not?) has to visit up to four different establishments, often situated in vastly different areas of our town. Yes, we're a fussy family, I know, but luckily we don't live in a particularly large town - just large-ish.

However, during yesterday's venture into the night in search of our take away meals, we discovered an Indian takeaway, a Chinese takeaway (also offering a limited choice of English meals) and a kebab/pizza/burger place, all lined up in a row. How convenient is that? All that was missing was a fish n' chip shop and we'd have been totally made up.

Why has nobody thought of this before? Four food outlets that are leased to four take away restaurants offering the whole range of fast food types. Surely they'd be on to a winner?

Now all that remains is to test the kebab/pizza/burger place on the 17 year old, and hope she gives it the thumbs up. Fish and chips can always be had from the chippy we pass on the way back.



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