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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Word Verification

Like most people who use to host their blog, I've turned on word verification.

Unless you're one of the few who has yet to discover how one would employ viagra, or that it's available on t'internet, word verification is a good thing. This is also the case for those who are able to resist the urge to be led into the underworld of casinos and animal sex (not that one necessarily relates to the other, you understand).

Word verification is a good thing because, by and large, it stops those dreadful people who take pleasure in spamming the likes of you and I. I'd love to be able to tell you how much return they enjoy for their efforts but, not being in possession of such information, I'm afraid you'll have to find out for yourself (assuming you're interested).

What truly amazes me is that anybody would be interested in any of the rubbish that we're regularly spammed with. If you want viagra, you go to your GP. Right? If you want to play poker, you either go to a real world casino, invite some mates round for an evening of beer, cards and cigars, or type "casino" into Google. Don't you? And if you want animal sex... well, you bugger off to Amsterdam, presumably.

But the point I wanted to make was that Blogger's word verification could, I'm sure, be made better. Why on earth did they have to design the system such that the letters are sometimes so damned difficult to read? Note: only sometimes. There are times when they come up nice and clearly - no problemo, Jose - so what's with the "somebody threw a handful of spaghetti at the screen and we're supposed to interpret the meaning of it" lark? Is it some sort of hidden test like the ink splodge things that psychologists use? I'm crap at 'em. If I have to type in VMKLLOPUMW once more, only to be told that I now have to type in KLPJAMUX instead, I'll cry.

There are bright spots amongst the grey, though. Yesterday I got to type in QUIM as part of the word verification. Well it brightened my day, anyway. Weyhey!

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  • Some of us have taken to defining the word from the verification screen as we comment. Almost invariably, and certainly in this case, it is more interesting than the comment. It also has the added benefit of confusing the arse off of anyone drifting here by accident - seeing a totally irrelevant sentence tacked on to the end.

    vwcgfk - exclamation of surprise uttered by anyone drifting here by accident and seeing a totally irrelevant sentence tacked on to the end.

    By Blogger Vicus Scurra, at 12/3/06 01:18  

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