Gripes & Graplings

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

General Grappling

Tonight marks the end of ten days of peace. My youngest child has been in Norway but is returning tomorrow, with oldest daughter (middle child) in tow. Noisy music will once again be heard throughout the homestead.

I've too much work to do. I know that's better than not having enough and that I shouldn't moan but bugger it all, I want to moan. Right now it feels good.

Am writing a romantic novel [ducks to avoid flying custard tarts]. Am also enjoying it. It's.... wait for it.... a Mills & Boon! [ducks to avoid flying turds]. Look, I'm gonna say this once and only once. If you haven't read one, don't knock 'em, right? My grandad always said, "if you don't know what you're talking about then keep your gob shut" and that's what I'm repeating to you.

Am getting a new kitchen soon. This is a good thing. Am also getting new interior doors. This is also a good thing.

Am writing my memoirs here. Mostly rubbish because that's what I tend to remember.

That's it.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

British Horse Slaughter

Horses. Not my favourite animals but undoubtedly beautiful and intelligent creatures that absolutely do not deserve to die horrible and cruel deaths at the hands of humans.

Every four minutes a horse is slaughtered in this country. A horse that has done nothing wrong. A horse that simply isn't fast enough for the racing industry, is semi-feral and unwanted, a pregnant mare, an innocent foal. 35,000 every year, most sold abroad for human consumption.

Approximately 15000 horses are bred for the racing industry every year. Only 5000 make it. The remaining 10000 are left to face an uncertain fate, for many that means slaughter. Not by humane euthanasia--even though that costs no more than around £35--but by a stun bolt. The animals are stunned and then hung to bleed before being disembowelled and prepared for sale. For every bet that's placed on horse racing, we're helping fund this abysmal practise.

If you care about horses, take a look at the following website. There's lots of information available and a petition you can sign.

British Horse Slaughter

Sometimes I feel ashamed to call myself human.


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