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Monday, June 05, 2006

The End of the World is Nigh

Or so say the doom merchants who believe that 6.6.06 will be the date for the apocalypse.

I'm not sure where they get their data from although judging by the numbers I'd hazard a guess that there's some kind of connection with 'The Beast' going on. The number 666, as mentioned in Revelations, has now become the date for us to kiss our loved ones goodbye.

So what's going to happen? Are Satanists planning to dissolve the planet in a huge acid bath? Where will they get it from? And what will happen to it afterwards?

Evidently, people in the US are so certain that the world's about to end tomorrow that they've been rushing to the bookies in order to place their bets. 10-1's being offered at the moment.

What I want to know though is, if this prophecy does come true and we're all history by tomorrow midnight, who's going to make the pay outs on the wagers? And who'll be left to spend it?

Some folks just don't think things through, do they?



  • Except the bookies.

    By Anonymous Richard, at 5/6/06 15:51  

  • I hate to quibble with the cognoscenti but 666 and 6062006 don't strike me as essetially the same. Even to a numerologist 666=9 and 6062006=2. Not that I am a numerologist. If the world does stop turning, goodbye and I love you all!

    By Blogger Cherry Rolfe, at 6/6/06 20:28  

  • essetially however, is essentially the same essetially

    By Blogger Cherry Rolfe, at 6/6/06 20:29  

  • I'm so relieved that you have pointed that out Cherry. I was crapping myself, not.

    By Blogger tom909, at 8/6/06 08:56  

  • Still alive :)

    By Anonymous Sharon J, at 18/6/06 14:59  

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