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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Blogger's Broken.... AGAIN!!

Bloody place! I take the time to update my sidebar with some fancy banner type adverts to take the place of those boring Google ads and what happens? The bloody thing's broken! You can post but you can't update your template! Grrrrrr (make sure you hear that sound properly - it's a cross between a Pit Bull and a White Tiger).

Am I allowed to swear?

I bet it's because I didn't forward that email with the photos of the soldiers cuddling kittens and what-have-ya the other day. Damn! I knew it'd come back to haunt me.


  • Permission to swear only after the watershed, I believe.

    Keep trying. It'll work eventually x

    By Blogger Cherrypie, at 14/5/06 21:16  

  • Sharon, I like swearing, and it is your blog so go for it.

    By Blogger tom909, at 15/5/06 09:44  

  • Hello Sharon - are you still alive?

    By Blogger tom909, at 15/5/06 16:26  

  • Am still alive, Tom. Nice of you to care. And thank you for the permission to swear - I shall remember that next time the need arises.

    Cherrypie. I shall only ever post angry posts after 9pm. Thank you for reminding me :)

    By Anonymous Sharon J, at 15/5/06 17:23  

  • Chuffin 'eck you've got a mouth on you! Were you ever in the Navy, with your tattoos and all?? I hope you have learnt your lesson about the chain emails as I have some pics of really cute Dobernmanns wearing baby clothes with their paws full of bunnies and some fat babies sitting on their backs which the High Priest of Xanadu has assured me will bring luck to all who receive it within the next ten minutes provided they send it on to 300 friends, in batches of 7, before next Thursday week. The quotation that goes with the pic is one that touched me deeply - it said "you are a really special and lovely person" as it happens I am!!!

    By Blogger Cherry Rolfe, at 15/5/06 19:03  

  • So why didn't I get a copy of that mail? Am I not a special and lovely person? I can go off people, y'know!

    By Anonymous Sharon J, at 17/5/06 16:29  

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