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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Organ Donar Complaints??

Don't go getting your knickers in a twist; I know I've misspelled 'donor'. It was deliberate. Just bear with me, will you?

Every now and then I pop over to Bravenet in order to check my stats. Like most, when visitors come knocking on my virtual door, I want to know how they found me.

This morning I discovered that one visitor had searched for 'Organ Donar Complaints' through MSN so off I went to give it a try. Sure enough, in 7th position was my gripes and graplings, which of course have absolutely nothing to do with organ donation. Not one post has so much as touched on the subject. Why? I asked myself, whilst sipping at my Bovril, kindly provided by Richard along with a selection of cheese and biscuits for breakfast. Why would my blog have appeared on the search results?

Well, the fact that the searcher probably didn't pay proper attention to at least one of the three Rs whilst at school certainly hasn't helped him find appropriate results. Although it's obvious that Mr Searcher (I'm going to be sexist here - like it or lump it) was actually looking for organ donor complaints, the fact that he's misspelled the middle word brought him to me.

Three words: ORGAN - a quick glance up at the top, right-hand corner and you'll see the word used in my 'about me'. This, according to the Blogger search thingy, is the only time the word appears. DONAR - a clear misspelling of donor, this one appears on a post about take-away food. Now, I'm not entirely sure whether any internal organs are used during the process of making the huge chunk of lamb's meat that's sliced into pita bread and sold as a 'donar kebab', but I'm reasonably sure that this wasn't what Mr Searcher was looking for. COMPLAINTS - appears once, in a very short post about Firefox 1.5.

Mr Searcher may have been in luck, though. Several of the links above that to this blog were actually about organ donation, but like Mr Searcher himself, the owners of those sites had also misspelled donor. I guess it's a matter of the 'spelling challenged' finding each other.

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  • Hi Sharon :-) My first visit here.

    I looked and looked at that picture then finally realized its a Donair meat thing. I love Donairs :-)

    The way that people find our sites is interesting eh? Most come to mine looking for perfume. Which is funny, because, although I'm really into perfume, I hardly ever talk about it on the blog!

    Have a good day.

    By Anonymous kyahgirl, at 15/3/06 14:34  

  • Makes you wonder what Donner (which I believe is the correct south London spelling) meat is really made from.

    By Anonymous Richard, at 16/3/06 18:44  

  • Don't even go there, Mister! I have enough visits with the bucket as is it!

    By Anonymous Sharon J, at 17/3/06 01:37  

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