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Sunday, March 19, 2006

I Work From Home - Geddit?

Why is it that the world and his gerbil seem to think that because a person works from home, they're available 24/7 for long telephone conversations about relationship problems/diets that don't work/boredom at work etc?

These people seem to be missing one vital point. Working from home means that one is working whilst in their home. Not all the time, obviously, but a lot of the time. Probably 8 hours a day and often more.

For every hour I spend jawing on the phone, that's an hour longer I have to work that day in order to finish my work load.

"But everybody has to have a break" I'm told. Sure they do. But why should I be forced to spend my break on the phone? I'd like to spend it eating my lunch, thank you very much.

Don't get me wrong. I don't mind the occasional break in the day spent chatting on the phone, in fact there are times when I positively welcome it, but 15 minutes is enough. Anything more starts eating into too much of my working time, especially when more than one person calls in the course of the day.

I get paid for the number of jobs I can complete and return to my clients. The fewer finished jobs I have in a week, the less money I earn. That's not too difficult to understand, is it? No money = no bills paid = family tossed out into the gutter.

Please. When I say "I'm working", try to understand that I can't shorten my working day just because your boyfriend called you a tart, you've put on two pounds in a week, or have caught VD for the fifth time this year.



  • OK, no more heavy breathing. I was finding the hour a bit excessive, actually.
    What I would really like to know is what sense you "work from home" rather than "work at home". What does 'from' have to do with it? I work at home, and feel no sense of movement.

    By Blogger Vicus Scurra, at 19/3/06 20:32  

  • It's purely a matter of keywords, dearest Vicus. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Bollocks. No it isn't. It's... well, I dunno. Bothered? Do I look bothered?

    By Blogger Sharon J, at 19/3/06 20:42  

  • the question that's troubling me is how you find time to keep up your workload when you seem to have more blogs than any other blogger in the known universe. I'm impressed.

    By Blogger Mark Gamon, at 21/3/06 09:59  

  • Oh, Vicus. A simple explanation, I'm sure. Sharon must go to meetings occasionally. I work 'at' home when I'm at home. I work 'from' home when I have to go somewhere in the course of my work. Leaving my office behind me, as it were.

    There. I can be pedantic too.

    By Blogger Mark Gamon, at 21/3/06 10:01  

  • You think I have a lot of blogs here on Blogger? There are more! I have other 'secret' identities, y'know ;-) ~Sharon J

    By Blogger Sharon J, at 21/3/06 13:21  

  • Sharon - Do Not Answer The Phone Until You Get Caller Identifier
    Thats an order!!

    By Blogger Cherry Rolfe, at 24/3/06 20:58  

  • Caller ID. Now that's an idea!

    By Anonymous Sharon J, at 24/3/06 22:38  

  • Occasionally I get up from the sofa. It can be quite reasonably said that I work from the sofa and not at it.

    This proves beyond any doubt that it's exceedingly late and I've lost the capacity to reason.

    By Anonymous Richard, at 26/3/06 02:24  

  • Aww. What's the point of secret identities unless we're let in on the secret?

    By Blogger Mark Gamon, at 26/3/06 16:38  

  • Only the chosen few, Mark ;-)

    By Anonymous Sharon J, at 26/3/06 19:18  

  • Following Richard's logic, when I go to my place of employment, my employer's office if you will, rather than what might be called my office at home (although only those with a great aptitude for exaggeration would call it that), then I am actually working from home.
    That, of course, is on the basis that the departure point of my journey to my place of employment was my residence, and that I am working.
    The conclusion of all of this is that the place "from" which one works is the place at which one no longer is, and is of very little consequence to anyone, other than those of a nosey disposition (has Caroline found her way here yet?), or those interminable bores who want to know which route one took.
    Richard, when you moved from your sofa to your desk, which way did you go? I trust you avoided the traffic congestion in the drawing room.

    By Blogger Vicus Scurra, at 28/3/06 07:21  

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