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Thursday, April 27, 2006


It's official! I wannabe a nerd!

I am nerdier than 28% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!


  • Sharon, I took the test and I am so not a nerd that I couldn't even get the thingy to paste over to here. I was 5, and honest I didn't cheat at all.
    Mind you these days you probably get more cred. for being a nerd than not.

    By Blogger tom909, at 27/4/06 09:36  

  • LOL. And I was ashamed at just being a wannabe! I bet my cousin's mega-nerd!

    By Anonymous Sharon J, at 27/4/06 09:57  

  • Dammit. I was pretty please getting a 'not nerd' score of 19. Then I saw Tom's. I'm ashamed. I really must try and get out more.

    By Blogger Mark Gamon, at 27/4/06 10:06  

  • How do you do that test?

    I win.

    By Anonymous Richard, at 27/4/06 13:02  

  • LOL. Even you're not that un-nerdy!

    By Anonymous Sharon J, at 27/4/06 13:11  

  • Can you get Vicus to do an honest test - my estimate would be 50 to 60 for him. You know some people think in pictures - well, when I hear the word 'nerd', I get a picture of Vicus (and Richard and I don't even know what he looks like).

    By Blogger tom909, at 27/4/06 13:54  

  • Richard? A nerd? I think you need to re-evaluate your picture, Tom.

    He's just spent an hour staring at an Excel spreadsheet containing my business accounts wondering how the hell he's going to ever be able to keep his own set of accounts when none of it makes any kind of sense.

    Computers deliberately make themselves appear difficult when he's around.

    By Anonymous Sharon J, at 28/4/06 04:15  

  • I just assumed that the fascination with cricket went hand in hand with computers and stuff. It's funny how you build up pictures of people in your mind and get it completely wrong.

    By Blogger tom909, at 29/4/06 17:57  

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